Ultimate Checklists

I am a checklist type of person. Are you?

I truly love the feeling of checking off each item on my to-do list.

When it comes to self-publishing, you’re going to need a good checklist (or maybe a few.) There are so many details to keep track of.

Lucky for you, I have taken my personal checklists and optimized, refined, and published them for you to use.

Get one of these ultimate checklists today to make your publishing process that much more organized.

The Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist and Workbook


ETA Fall/Winter 2022

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Self-Publishing a Second Edition Checklist

Are you ready to update your books? Do you NEED to update them because the information is out of date? Or perhaps you’re adding a bonus chapter and fixing that DIY book cover.

Whatever your reason for creating a new edition of your book, you’ll need to keep track of a lot of details and carefully follow each platform’s steps.

I’ve got you covered with this super helpful checklist. Get your checklist today!


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