If your goal is to write a book, then chances are you enjoy reading books too. I have condensed my years of experience and knowledge into these books to help you take action!

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Self-Publishing for the First-Time Author

You’ve written your first book and you are ready to self-publish it, congratulations! Now, what steps do you need to take to self-publish? What are the best strategies? How do you ensure retailers and libraries will carry your book?

These are a few of the questions that many aspiring authors ask as they set out on their publishing journey. Aggregating 5 plus years of experience in the self-publishing space, M.K. Williams has compiled the answers that you need into an easily digestible format to walk you through the publishing process. There are lots of online gurus who will throw acronyms, jargon, and advanced strategies at you right out the gate. Williams breaks down the practical steps that you need to take as you self-publish your first book.

Book Marketing for the First-Time Author

You’ve written the best book ever and now everyone will be racing to read it. Or, that was the plan. 

As a first-time author, you walk a fine line between planning for and marketing your book for success and the crushing reality of low sales. Book Marketing for the First-Time Author breaks down the most important elements that you need to market your book. Master the fundamentals covered here to set your book up for success. 

M.K. Williams has compiled 5 plus years of experience writing, publishing, and creating successful marketing campaigns for a multitude of books. Before you get excited about the opportunities that will present themselves to you, read this book. Online gurus will tell you that they wrote a book, sent a notice to their email list, and realized 6 figure royalties overnight. They skipped a few steps in their story. 

First-time authors have a lot of details to manage to promote their books; this book simplifies the process and helps you weed through all the noise to make sure the marketing essentials are covered. 

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