Podcast Guesting for Authors

Day 5: The Interview

At this point you are prepped and ready for your interview. So there are some things you want to do to ensure that the interview itself is smooth:

  • Go to the bathroom and make sure you aren’t hungry. 
  • Sealed water bottle. Your voice may get sore and you want to be able to seal it so you don’t accidentally knock it over. Also, if you need to take a sip, mute your microphone. 
  • EVERYTHING IS PLUGGED IN! Audio and video can drain your computer battery faster. 

Then you have the actual call. They are calling you? You are calling them? A good podcaster will send you clear information on the invitation about whether this is on skype or zoom or some other platform. If that isn’t on the invite you should ask to confirm. BUT READ THE INVITE FIRST. As someone who does the audio checks for a major podcast, I send out the invitations for these checks that read “Skype audio check with MK + that person’s name.” In the email I send along with the invite I state that it is to check everything with the EXACT settings they’ll use for the actual interview.  You would not believe the number of times I am online, ready for the audio check and a person replied to the calendar invite, where the title is “Skype audio check” with, “Hey is this in Skype or Zoom?” Take two seconds to read. Then ask. 

Ring-ring, the call is starting:

  • Be gracious (they may run late if they have issues with their set-up, their internet connection, or just life happens.)
  • Have a fun conversation. No one-word answers. Keep the conversation moving along.
  • You will likely have some buffer time before they start to record and after to confirm details and sync up on the plan for the conversation.
  • When you are done you can ask for the air date too

And, that’s a wrap. You did it! The interview is done, but your work isn’t. Next, you’ll need to ensure that you promote the podcast when it airs. We’ll talk more about that tomorrow. 

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