If you are looking to publish your book wide, all roads lead back to Ingram. Many print-on-demand self-publishing platforms use the Ingram network for distribution. So why not just go to the source with IngramSpark?

IngramSpark can get your print and eBook into :

-Barnes & Noble




-& Many, many more!

New authors often lament the upload ($49) and change fees ($25) associated with publishing via IngramSpark. However, as a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, I get all of my uploads and revisions for free. The cost of the membership pays for itself if I publish one new book.

To get started with IngramSpark, here are my upload tutorials for your books:

And here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about IngramSpark:

Then we’ll focus on common troubleshooting questions and how to optimize your books for success:

If you have more questions or want to enhance your self-publishing strategy, check out all the different ways I can help you. I try to be there for authors in the manner that they learn best:

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