ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange)

Indie authors are embracing audiobooks. This format is growing in popularity. Through ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) anyone with an eBook in the Kindle store can claim their book and create an audiobook. You can self-narrate or hire a pro. When it comes to working with a narrator you can pay them upfront or enter into a royalty split deal (although this option is more restrictive).

ACX can get your audiobook into the following online marketplaces:




To get started with ACX, here are my upload tutorials for your books:

And here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about ACX features:

Then we’ll focus on common troubleshooting questions and how to optimize your books for success:

If you have more questions or want to enhance your self-publishing strategy, check out all the different ways I can help you. I try to be there for authors in the manner that they learn best:

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